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“Alumni HR” maintains and develops a highly engaged and vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide.

“Alumni HR” is the official association of all alumni of the master’s programs of MLS and MHR at the University of Milan. The “Alumni HR” actively interacts with the wider community “Amista” comprehending all the graduates coming from the University of Milan. However, “Alumni HR” aims to grow and develop independently from “Amista”, and to offer HR-specific contents for its members, who would be guaranteed a safe space for interaction and social exchanges. Its regular members include recipients of degrees in MLS or MHR granted by the University of Milan.

The purpose of “Alumni HR” is to promote the welfare of the master program and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between the University and its alumni. The “Alumni HR” encourages alumni to connect with the University and with fellow graduates through a plethora of alumni events, club activities, learning programs and continuing information exchange.

Why You Should Join Us

An active engagement into the events and activities within the Alumni community brings a wealth of benefits. It provides many opportunities for continuous learning and knowledge exchange through interaction among both Alumni and Academics and thus, for creation of social capital which may enhance your employability and career progress in today’s tough job markets.

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